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Vintage (Volume One) by Lisa Suzanne ~ Spoiler-free Review


I’d never craved a kiss before, but I suddenly felt like I’d die if his lips didn’t touch mine.

I started off hating this book.  The first few chapters had me loopy with the tense. I still can’t place my finger on why the tense bothered me so much but it was weird.

A lot of the book kind of felt like love at first sight for me, until suddenly it wasn’t. Suddenly the tense and cockiness didn’t matter. Was it steamy? Not really. Cheesy? A little. But there were moments where I needed to keep going. Moments where I couldn’t get enough.

He was like a ray of sunshine in my dark existence. If I was rain and thunder and clouds, storms, then he was warmth on my skin and a balmy breeze. But much like oil and water or truth and lies or fire and gasoline or order and chaos, darkness and light had little chance of surviving together. 

Roxanna was a great character. I loved the balls on that chick. She would say something cunning and then in her head be like “OMG! I can’t believe I just said that!” And even though she thought like that she still said the shit she did like it was nothing. I love how Lisa Suzanne aged Roxanna with her experiences. Even though she was young she had to grow up faster than most.

Parker was… arrogant and intense. His intensity was overwhelming at times, particularly in the earlier scenes. But the thing is that even though this was a romance novel, it was the mystery that reeled me in…

Off to buy Volume two!

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(This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review)

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