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Undeclared by Julianna Keyes ~ Review

Julianna Keyes
(Burnham College #2)
Publication date: February 27, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Kellan McVey is Burnham College’s most prolific athlete, partier, and ladies’ man—and that’s just how he likes it. Returning to reign for his third year, he wants nothing to change. Then Andrea Walsh shows up.

It wasn’t too long ago that Andi and Kellan were lifelong friends, mortal enemies, and, for one hot summer, more. Then Kellan left and Andi stayed behind.

Kellan thought he’d moved past that last summer’s heartbreak, but with Andi sitting next to him in class, befriending his friends, and battling for the same once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity, he’s starting to remember why he hated her…and why he loved her.

Kellan has a long list of reasons that falling for Andi again is a terrible idea, though every new moment together challenges that theory. But Andi’s all too familiar with Kellan’s love ’em and leave ’em approach—and she’s found someone else to get serious about.

Burnham’s campus king has never had to fight for a girl, but if he wants Andi to give him another chance, he’ll have to do the one thing he’s never had the nerve to do: admit it.

Entirely male POV romance novels scare me. I think I have been scarred by a few bad apples. I won’t name names. I jumped into this novel not really knowing what I was getting into. So I was a tad surprised to learn that this book is told entirely in a male POV. And to be honest, I was more surprised at how much I loved it. Perhaps that’s a testament to how much I enjoyed the company of Kellan McVey, I even liked him when I knew his innermost thoughts. That kind of says a lot about a person.

I feel like more often than not the secondary characters of stories don’t get enough respect. The friends that surround Kellan’s story really deserve some serious love.  They really made me wish I had read the first novel in this series :/

I try my best to give in depth reviews, I want my followers to get a good sense of where my head is at with a book. I’m having a hard time this go around. I devoured Kellan and he rocked my world. Go check him out for yourselves.

It’s like how people must feel when they look at the Mona Lisa

and suddenly understand why it’s so famous. 

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(This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review)

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