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Rough by Sybil Bartel ~ Review

“Jared.” Reverent, pleading, I wasn’t saying his name, I was begging for release.

Rough (Thrust #2)

Author: Sybil Bartel


I’m not your boyfriend. I’m not the guy next door. I don’t even play nice.

My hands twisting in your hair, my whispered demand in your ear—I’m the fantasy you’ll wish you never had.

When I’m through with you, every inch of your body will know where I’ve been. Your only thought will be the insatiable ache between your legs as my name drags across your lips. You won’t crave more, you’ll beg for it. Because I’m not just a cocky smile with military hardened muscles you paid five grand for—I’m the experience you’ll never forget.

One night with me and you’ll know exactly why women pay me to be rough.

Hold on I need a fan just thinking about this book. Makes sure you have a fan or A.C. when you read this because this book is HOT HOT HOT.

You guys.

For real.

Sybil wastes no time getting us down and dirty. This is no fairy tale. This is lust and this is hard. This is the kind of novel that has you blushing in public even though the strangers at the doctor’s office or the school pickup line have no idea what you’re reading.

Hold onto your panties ladies.. (I hate that word, panties. So you know I’m serious.)

Jared is good and he knows it. He likes to play hard and so when sweet and damaged Sienna stumbles into his life shy and unsure his world and career are thrown off axis.

Sienna knows what she wants, or so she thinks. She wants unattached, unemotional sex. Just a good fuck. Something that makes her feel desired without all the baggage. So why can’t she keep her mind off all the intimate moments? The moments that make her feel like there might be more?

Check out Jared and Sienna’s story for yourselves! Don’t forget your fan!

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