Shit happens.

Every once in a while I get the urge to tell you all about something happening in my life. This is one of those times.

So, I lost my job two fucking months ago. Not like I got fired lost, but rather they decided my department just “wasn’t working out”. Which is bullshit, because really when the morale blows, everything blows.


For the last 10 years I have built my career with one company. Then we were “bought out” (for lack of a better term) by a new company. A bigger company. With benefits. WOO fucking HOO. My entire adult life has been building up to this.

Until suddenly it wasn’t.

Suddenly I am jobless and what is even scarier careerless.

Why careerless? My once career is a small itty bitty miniscule piece of the construction industry. It is also one that is being outsourced to other countries at an alarming rate. The outsourcing isn’t so much the problem as the salary is. So while I need a certain salary to live my life and provide for my family, it is substantially more than these contractors in other countries.

Are there places hiring for my career within the US? Absolutely. However, I rather like Massachusetts living. I don’t fancy the idea of moving to Georgia or Texas. Are there places hiring outside of my career? Absolutely. But they want ten degrees or want to pay me less than a living wage.

Which in essence, leaves me fucking careerless.

Here lies the problem. I made a decent salary. I lived my life paycheck to paycheck off of that salary. Now not only do I have nothing, because let’s face it unemployment can cover groceries and that’s about it… I can’t find a job/career making anywhere close to what I was making.

Now here I am, 31 years old. Without a college degree. With 10 years of experience in the smallest fucking corner of the shit job universe.

But see what kills me most, is that I can do fucking anything. I am smart. I can pick up computer programs and learn anything fast. I am good with people. I have great organizational skills. I’m a good leader. But my resume is a bunch of mumbo jumbo. So I’m applying for jobs that on paper I am not qualified for but that I know I could be fucking amazing at.

This is a problem. Give a chick a chance. You’re going to have to train anyone you hire anyway! Degree or not. Experience or not.

#findjessajob #shecandoanything

Maybe you or someone you know needs a curse loving, book reading, coffee addict employee? I’d be one hell of a virtual assistant.

And really, I am not sitting here actually asking someone to find me a job. I’ll find one. But I’m allowed to be frustrated with the whole fucking thing. I’m allowed to be angry.


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